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Cookies policy

In Kutxabank, S.A. (hereinafter “Kutxabank”), we believe that we must be clear regarding the way in which we collect and use your data.

In order to give greater transparency, this policy provides detailed information on the types of cookies used on this website and how to set them.


1. What are cookies?


Cookies are files that websites store in the browser of the user visiting them and enables information to be obtained relating to his/her browsing for different purposes.

The different purposes for which we use cookies on this website are detailed in the section below.


2. Types of cookies and purposes for which we use cookies


On this website we use our own cookies (owned by Kutxabank and generated from this domain), as well as third-party cookies (managed by third parties and generally generated from the corresponding third-party domain). Some of these are session cookies (they store and retrieve information while the user accesses the website, and they are deleted when the session concludes) and other persistent cookies (with a longer duration, that may go from a few minutes to several years).

Algunas de estas cookies permiten el funcionamiento y la prestación de los servicios ofrecidos en el sitio web (denominadas, por lo general, cookies estrictamente necesarias). También utilizamos cookies para las siguientes finalidades:


Third-party cookies:




Third party

  More information

Analysis or measurement cookies: enable the tracing and behavioural analysis of users. The information collected using these tecnical cookies is used for measuring website activity (for example, the number of visits) in order to introduce improvements according to the analysis of the use the users make of the website.


5 years


3. How to disable or delete cookies?


The user may permit, block or delete the cookies installed in his/her device by changing the setting parameters of the browser installed in his/her device. The main browsers have cookie blocking and delete options, however the procedure may differ from one Internet browser to another and, as a consequence, we ask you to use the instructions provided by your Internet browser manufacturer. In the case of mobile devices, it is also common for the browser to contain these options in the Settings section.


The instructions provided by some browsers are included below:



Some third-party systems also provide opt-out and other solutions:



If the user accepts the use of cookies and then opts out, some of these cookies will remain installed in his/her device. If the user wishes to delete them, he/she may do so from his/her browser, as shown in this section above.


4. Additional data protection information


This section provides information regarding the treatment of personal data which completes the information provided in the rest of the sections of this cookies policy and in the Personal Data Protection Policy.


Legal basis for treatment: the consent, which the user may revoke at any time as shown in Section 3 of this policy (“How to disable or delete cookies?”).

Recipients of the data: the third parties identified in Section 2 of this policy (“Types of cookies and purposes for which we use the cookies”).


  • user browsing may be observed for profiling in the terms and purposes shown in Section 2 (“Types of cookies and purposes for which we use cookies”) of this cookies policy. For further details, you may consult the third-party privacy policies described in said section.


Transfers to third countries: As regards third-parties described in Section 2 (“Types of cookies and purposes for which we use cookies”), the user may consult the respective privacy policies to enquire about transfers which, where appropriate, are performed.


5.Cookies Policy updates and changes


Kutxabank may change this Cookies Policy in accordance with new legislative, regulatory requirements or in order to adapt said policy to the instructions stipulated by the Spanish Data Protection Agency.


The user will be informed when any significant changes are implemented and, if necessary, his/her consent will be requested for the use of the cookies.

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