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Press releases




2021 full year results (Spanish version)

2021 third quarter results (Spanish version)

2021 first half results (Spanish version)

2021 first quarter results (Spanish version)





2020 full year results (Spanish version)

Kutxabank's results on the EBA's Second Transparency Exercise of 2020 (Spanish version)

2020 third quarter results (Spanish version)

2020 first half results (Spanish version)

Kutxabank's results on the European Banking Authority's Transparency Exercise of 2020 (Spanish version)

2020 first quarter results (Spanish version)





2019 full year results (Spanish version)

Kutxabank's results on the European Banking Authority's Transparency Exercise of 2019 (Spanish version)

2019 third quarter results (Spanish version)

2019 first half results (Spanish version)

MREL requirement (Spanish version)

2019 first quarter results (Spanish version)





2018 full year results (Spanish version)

Kutxabank discloses ECB's prudential capital requirements for 2019

Kutxabank's results on the European Banking Authority's Transparency Exercise of 2018 (Spanish version)

2018 third quarter results (Spanish version)

2018 first half results (Spanish version)

2018 first quarter results (Spanish version)





2017 FY results

Kutxabank discloses ECB's prudential capital requirements for 2018

Kutxabank's results on the European Banking Authority's Transparency Exercise of 2017 (Spanish version)

2017 third quarter results (Spanish version)

2017 first half results 

2017 first quarter results (Spanish version)





2016 FY Results 

Kutxabank discloses ECB's prudential capital requirements for 2017

Kutxabank's results on the European Banking Authority's Transparency Exercise of 2016

2016 third quarter results  

2016 first half results (Spanish version) 

2016 first quarter results  





2015 whole year results 


Kutxabank discloses European Central Bank prudential capital requirements 


Kutxabank's results on the European Banking Authority's Transparency Exercise of 2015 (Spanish version)


2015 third quarter results  


2015 first half results 


2015 first quarter results 





2014 whole year results 


Agreement signed between Kutxabank and Lone Star on the biggest RE deal since 2007 (Spanish version) 


2014 third quarter results


Kutxabank´s results on the Comprehensive Assessment performed to the European banking sector


2014 first half results


2014 first quarter results





2013 whole year results


2013 third quarter results


2013 first half results 


2013 first quarter results





2012 fourth quarter results


Kutxabank launches its inaugural Covered Bond issue

Kutxabank has launched its inaugural Covered Bond issue of 750 million euros with a 4 years tenor. The demand exceed 3,750 million euros with the participation of more than 200 accounts. The 80% of the demand came from foreign investors.


2012 third quarter results  


Kutxabank´s results on the Oliver Wyman stress test (2012/09/28) 

Kutxabank has got a capital excess of 2,188 million euros and a Core Tier I ratio of 11.6% in the adverse scenario. This ratio, that doubles the stablished requeriments in the test, places Kutxabank as the most solvent entity among the Spanish sector.


2012 second quarter results 


2012 first quarter results 


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